About Nathan

At the young age of fourteen Nathan Schae10306754_342113092609195_9130081941039308749_nfer has dreamt of becoming a famous actor.  He had dreams and aspirations of becoming a star in films, blockbuster movies, on Broadway, and in a TV series.  From that age he worked and honed his craft.  Starring in many school plays and productions.  In college he majored in theater and drama.  And Nathan was good, really good. He was one of those actors that will pull a person into his world, making it feel like the audience has been cast into the play.  He also had a real knack for getting whatever emotion he wanted from his audience in a way that seem effortlessly and natural.

After graduating from college Nathan went on to perform in many different plays, independent films, and in small TV series roles.  Although he was happy to have steady work, he still was itching for his big break.  Then one day it came.  It was a blistering cold November day.  Nathan was on his seventh audition of the day.  In fact he this is the last one.  It was so cold that he considered going home and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa and a cozy blanket.  But always hungry for his big break, he waited.  Thank God he did.  That same day, that same audition he was cast as the lead of a very popular Broadway musical.  This musical gave his career the boost it needed.  He started landing more illustrious roles in all avenues of drama.  Nathan Schaefer was the new “it” boy of Hollywood and Broadway.

That was all some time ago.  Nathan has since retired from acting.   Lucky for him his mother is a whiz with numbers.   She was able to save and invest his money so that he never has to work again for as long as he lives, if he so wishes.  Now Nathan spends his days writing, helping with his brothers tree service and lawn care business, volunteering at the youth center, and with his family.  His wife Camilla and their four children, Zayn, Hannah, Sarah, and Isaac.  Nathan Schaefer loved acting but is even more appreciative of the life it has allowed him to live.