Puppy come home

th9O3H6C9OHere are many things going on in the world right not. According to most news station, it is all bad. Bombings, shooting, rape, suicide, all horrible things. Who in their right mind want to watch or hear that? It is so crazy. Lately I do not even turn on the television. It is just too much.

That why I am going to let everyone on my list top feel good moments. Those stories that just put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. That what I like to hear. All violent things we are all bombarded with throughout our day is very overwhelming and depressing.

A couple weeks I was perusing a newspaper that was left on the table at my favorite coffee shop. It was a publication I have never heard of before and silly me I forgot to write down. Oh how I wish I had the foresight to write the name down. Anyway, there was a story about a young boy who had lost his dog. I do not really remember if it ran away or what just that it had gotten away from him. That poor boy was so in love with that dog. His mother commented that he would fall asleep every night crying for his puppy.

His mother was telling someone in the grocery store what had happen to her son and how sad he had been since his dog had gone missing. Well, there was an older man standing in line behind the boy’s mother. He overheard her talking. He politely interrupted her talk and ask if she could describe the dog or if she had a picture of it. As a matter, a fact she did had a picture of the pup. After showing the man the puppy’s picture, he told her to stay there that he would be right back.

The older man left his shopping basket on floor by the woman’s feet. As quickly as his little legs could carry, he scurried off. He was gone for about four or five minutes.

When he returned, he had the puppy with him! It was the boy’s puppy!

He explained that he had fallen down earlier that week at the park. The park was across around the corner from the woman’s house. When he fell the puppy must have hear him call for help. Because he came to the man. It was the puppy is barking and howling the drew the attention of an off duty nurse that was in the park. She was able to assess the situation and quickly got the man some medical attention.

Ever so grateful the man was ready to keep the puppy. It just so happen that he was at the store buying a different brand of puppy food. Apparently, that puppy was picky about what he would and would not eat. Therefore, he was waiting in line to pay for a higher end brand of dog food and some other household things and he just so happen to be at the right place at the right time.

The boy was overjoyed by the returned of his puppy. In addition, the other man had found himself a new set of friends, a new family really. Everyone lived happily ever after.

Actually, I have no idea how they fared outside the story but I like to imagine that that family and the older man is living a wonderful life.

Tree felling like a pro

thHTWX0D6SI cannot tell you the number of times I have been ask about my tree felling techniques. What my go are to moves, what do I do every time, do I ever worry about making a mistake. Ask any tree feller and they will tell you the same thing. After a few trees, a few years, you will be able to fell a tree without really thinking about it, just like clockwork.

I have been doing it for so long that after looking at the tree within in three minutes I know how to cut and where to cut to have it fall where I want it. Of course, that comes with experience, for those who do not have my experience but still would like to fell a tree like a professional here are my go to tips.

Whenever I first approach a tree, I take notice of my surroundings and figure out the best direction to have the tree fall into. I note the size of the tree and the amount of space that is available on the property. Also, make sure to note any obstacles that may be in the way, such as bushes, play sets, pools, and these type of things.   Once a path can be, determine for the best possible outcome for the tree to land then I go on to my next tip.

Then I have one of my people attached a rope to the top part of the tree. For felling a tree, I prefer and use a double braided rigging rope but I know a few people that prefer a solid braided rigging rope. Either one will get the job done.

After rigging the rope, it is time to decide where to make the hinge cut. With my trusty chainsaw, I cut a wedge that looks like an upside down number seven. Making sure to keep it perpendicular to the area for the tree to fall. After I cut the upside down number seven then the people with the rope will tighten it, ensuring that the tree do not tumble forward.

Now that the hinge has been cut, go behind the tree and make what has called the back cut. Be mindful not to cut too deep. Whenever I make a back cut, I always stop a few inches shy of meeting the hinge cut that has been made into to tree.

This is the last step until the great “timber” moment. I will signal to the people holding the rope to pull in the direction we had already determine for the tree to fall. They will pull at just the right moment, directing the tree to fall into the perfect path. If I were to signal too soon or if the people miss the signal, the rope could snap and we will all be in trouble. The tree will fall at whatever way it is leaning or the weakest point. In addition, that may not be the direction that I want it to go.   Nevertheless, if we are working together this risk is greatly eliminated.

That just about it, my steps in felling a tree.   I also am a mean pruner. I can prune with the best of them. My tree pruning services are, in my opinion, the best in three counties.

I hope this helps all those young tree men and women in their tree felling adventures.

Just splash of color will do

th6P8W91JLIf you like, me or rather my wife, then with every season you like to change styles. Changed you color palette and your go to items. There are many inexpensive ways to revamp your wardrobe, your home, your life. Even if you do not change your style every season then maybe, you are in need for a makeover, or more specifically your home.

There are many ways to remodel and redesign your home but in this article, we will focus on the heart of many homes, the kitchen. The kitchen is where many memories are made and cultivated. Where everyone gathers, eats, discuss the happenings of each person’s lives. It is where everyone comes to meet and socialize. If you are like me then a functional and stylish kitchen is necessary.

One classic look for any home and any kitchen is an all-white kitchen. It is crisp, clean, and if properly excited warm and inviting. With almost half of all homeowners, choosing a white kitchen scheme you will not be in poor company. If all white kitchen is a little too sterile or if you already have, a white kitchen and you want to jazz it up. Then here are a few tips and style choses that you can implement into your home.

Beautiful Tile

Pick a one area in your kitchen to add a touch of color and style. Maybe the bottom or back of a kitchen island or the classic choice the backsplash. Now days there are many beautiful tile choices to choose from, handmade, imported, granite veneer, toccata, ceramic, glass, there are so many. All with a variety of design and color. When considering how to complete this changed in your home then there are a few things to consider. Color and style of course, budget, and functionality. Do not choose something that will require a lot of attention and care. I guess unless you have a show kitchen and you never use it, but for me I know something that can take a licking and keep on ticking. If you know what I mean.


Add a bookshelf that can be used to store the many different Knick-knacks that accumulate. Vases, cookbooks, appliances, whatever. Give them all a place on a bookshelf that has been boldly painted. Just imagine your crisp white kitchen complimented with a deep espresso colored bookshelf. Or whatever color you can imagine, turquoise, brick red, teal, a deep eggplant the possibilities is limited to your imagination.

A Handsome Kitchen Island

I actually did this one in my own home. I was in need for some extra counter space, storage, and a bit of color. By repurposing an old dresser, I was able to add a kitchen island to my home for pennies on the dollar. I contrast my all white kitchen by painting the base a soft mint green. I choose to make a countertop from leftover wood from a previous project of creating bookshelves. The paint add a splash of color and character, the wood a warm natural ambience. It is beautiful. It will be beautiful in your own home.

These are just a few suggestions but there are many more ways to bring color to an all-white kitchen. Do not feel pressure to do any of this, it is completely up to you. However, if you are looking for a little something extra then here you go. Each are easy and inexpensive. Trust me, if you don’t like it then I’m sure your wife will, mine did.