How to Shake Up a Winter Landscape

If you live in an area of the country that experiences all four seasons, albeit some seem to last longer than others, then even you can have beautiful green trees all year long. Even after all the leaves have fallen from most of the trees, one species was built to go the distance. The Hercules of trees if you will. Not even old man winter can keep them down. Used as a simple for everlasting life in some religion. Easy to maintain and care for is the unspoken hero, the underdog, the evergreen tree. Yes, folks that is right even its name is built tough. Evergreen.

Although these tree can be gorgeous and more importantly add a splash of color the gloomy gray skyline and crystal white snowthM0D4UBDW. It does so with some maintenance. With the exception of pine, prune these glorious trees during mid-summer when it is taking a little nap for winter or during the spring. It is essential to do this when the evergreen is not actively growing but in a partial dormant time. When an Evergreen tree is prune it promotes many healthy and bountiful qualities as does any tree that is properly pruned and maintain. Included in this article is a variety of common evergreen and the best-known pruning method to adopt with each one. This includes the best time of year to do so, how to do it, and what to do if its becomes neglected.


You will noticed that a pine tree needles are gathered into what has called a cluster. Which is densely gathered at the top of a stick like shaft. If anyone has a pine tree, especially one that you must park your car under, those needles that fall on the ground and leave sap all over your paint are called candles. These are the shoots needed to germinate new pine trees. Pine trees are best pruned during the time where you see new shoots of pine needles on it, normally during the springtime. Please try to regularly maintain this evergreen because once it has become overgrown there is no turning back. You must put your pruning shears down and time to call in the professionals. In order, regain the tree’s composure it must now have the entire branch removed. Click here to schedule a consultation with a professional tree service.


This is my personal favorite the spruce tree. The evergreen that has what I refer to as caterpillar limbs. With ever so cute little pine cones or buds at its end. Always take care to prune any new growth in the spring and then again in the late spring, right before summer hits. If one of the branches are broken you will have to cut it off and tie it to another one. Nevertheless, do not fret it can be saved and repaired so that it is as good as new.


Similar to a spruce tree in its design. Whereas the spruce needles are short and compact like a caterpillar, a Douglas fir needles are at least twice its length and its pinecones are larger as well. When pruning and caring for this evergreen simply follow, the same steps and recommendations made for any spruce tree. For in fact the care methods are the same.


If you looking to add a little color to the two note winter pallet. Then consider planting and maintaining evergreens on your property.