Secrets to Get Past the Winter Blues

With summer officially over, autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner, many Americans living the northern part of the country will begin if not already suffer with depression. Reportedly, one in four people will go through some variation of depression this season. The reason for this a variety of things. The shorten days and longer nights have direct correlation. Even what may seem like an endless amount of grey skies affect many people moods? Or even the stress from the holidays with all the spending money and preparation involved.   All these things contribute to the mind falling into depression. Nevertheless, don’t fret there are many ways to natural relieve and alleviate these feelings.

Synthetic Daylight

The shorten days and lack of blue skies and day light will put many people into a funk. To remedy this they have created lightbulbs that will mimic the shine of daylight. Allowing the mind and body to feel as if it has been basking out in the glorious sun instead of in the living watching television with a bright lightbulb. Sometimes just fifteen minutes underneath such a lightbulb is enough to bring relief and comfort to get someone out of their winter slump. They are a lot more inexpensive then a vacation to the Bahamas.



The nose and scents is one of the strongest connections to memories. Many people will more quickly and accurately remember a long forgotten event if the olfactory have been triggered than by any other sense trigger. A combination of scents can help the mind recall a time that it was most happy.

Another use of aromatherapy is that different scents affects the emotion and the mind’s state. For relaxation trying taking a whiff of lavender or vanilla essential oils, for an energy boost citrus is just a trick. Lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit essential oils will give that extra jolts and release endorphins.   There are many different possibilities and combinations all affecting the sense of scent and mood differently.

Go Outside

Over and over again it has been proven that the great outdoors it is a wonderful remedy for improving a sour mood. Go outside and marvel at the creations. Take in the flight of migratory birds, the hardworking squirrels preparing for winter, or the rabbits hopping to and fro. Noticed the change in color of the animals, the activity. Take in the beauty of the leaves changing colors. Just go outside and be still, allowing nature surroundings to take away the stresses from the day.

It is Not You

This is probably the most important point do not blame yourself. Many times, we think we need to place blame on someone or something in order to explain away our feelings. This is not healthy nor is it honest. Depression is just something that happens to many people, for all types of reasons. For those that do not normally suffer from depression or only have bouts during the winter months, then it may be just seasonally. Like hay fever in the spring.

Anyone of these suggestions are inexpensive and easy to do, for those that may be or will be suffering from the winter blues then give one or all a try. Stay positive and keep company with those that are positive as well. It is only a few months then spring and summer will be here again. Just be patient with nature and patient with yourself.