How to Shake Up a Winter Landscape

If you live in an area of the country that experiences all four seasons, albeit some seem to last longer than others, then even you can have beautiful green trees all year long. Even after all the leaves have fallen from most of the trees, one species was built to go the distance. The Hercules of trees if you will. Not even old man winter can keep them down. Used as a simple for everlasting life in some religion. Easy to maintain and care for is the unspoken hero, the underdog, the evergreen tree. Yes, folks that is right even its name is built tough. Evergreen.

Although these tree can be gorgeous and more importantly add a splash of color the gloomy gray skyline and crystal white snowthM0D4UBDW. It does so with some maintenance. With the exception of pine, prune these glorious trees during mid-summer when it is taking a little nap for winter or during the spring. It is essential to do this when the evergreen is not actively growing but in a partial dormant time. When an Evergreen tree is prune it promotes many healthy and bountiful qualities as does any tree that is properly pruned and maintain. Included in this article is a variety of common evergreen and the best-known pruning method to adopt with each one. This includes the best time of year to do so, how to do it, and what to do if its becomes neglected.


You will noticed that a pine tree needles are gathered into what has called a cluster. Which is densely gathered at the top of a stick like shaft. If anyone has a pine tree, especially one that you must park your car under, those needles that fall on the ground and leave sap all over your paint are called candles. These are the shoots needed to germinate new pine trees. Pine trees are best pruned during the time where you see new shoots of pine needles on it, normally during the springtime. Please try to regularly maintain this evergreen because once it has become overgrown there is no turning back. You must put your pruning shears down and time to call in the professionals. In order, regain the tree’s composure it must now have the entire branch removed. Click here to schedule a consultation with a professional tree service.


This is my personal favorite the spruce tree. The evergreen that has what I refer to as caterpillar limbs. With ever so cute little pine cones or buds at its end. Always take care to prune any new growth in the spring and then again in the late spring, right before summer hits. If one of the branches are broken you will have to cut it off and tie it to another one. Nevertheless, do not fret it can be saved and repaired so that it is as good as new.


Similar to a spruce tree in its design. Whereas the spruce needles are short and compact like a caterpillar, a Douglas fir needles are at least twice its length and its pinecones are larger as well. When pruning and caring for this evergreen simply follow, the same steps and recommendations made for any spruce tree. For in fact the care methods are the same.


If you looking to add a little color to the two note winter pallet. Then consider planting and maintaining evergreens on your property.


Secrets to Get Past the Winter Blues

With summer officially over, autumn is here, and winter is just around the corner, many Americans living the northern part of the country will begin if not already suffer with depression. Reportedly, one in four people will go through some variation of depression this season. The reason for this a variety of things. The shorten days and longer nights have direct correlation. Even what may seem like an endless amount of grey skies affect many people moods? Or even the stress from the holidays with all the spending money and preparation involved.   All these things contribute to the mind falling into depression. Nevertheless, don’t fret there are many ways to natural relieve and alleviate these feelings.

Synthetic Daylight

The shorten days and lack of blue skies and day light will put many people into a funk. To remedy this they have created lightbulbs that will mimic the shine of daylight. Allowing the mind and body to feel as if it has been basking out in the glorious sun instead of in the living watching television with a bright lightbulb. Sometimes just fifteen minutes underneath such a lightbulb is enough to bring relief and comfort to get someone out of their winter slump. They are a lot more inexpensive then a vacation to the Bahamas.



The nose and scents is one of the strongest connections to memories. Many people will more quickly and accurately remember a long forgotten event if the olfactory have been triggered than by any other sense trigger. A combination of scents can help the mind recall a time that it was most happy.

Another use of aromatherapy is that different scents affects the emotion and the mind’s state. For relaxation trying taking a whiff of lavender or vanilla essential oils, for an energy boost citrus is just a trick. Lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit essential oils will give that extra jolts and release endorphins.   There are many different possibilities and combinations all affecting the sense of scent and mood differently.

Go Outside

Over and over again it has been proven that the great outdoors it is a wonderful remedy for improving a sour mood. Go outside and marvel at the creations. Take in the flight of migratory birds, the hardworking squirrels preparing for winter, or the rabbits hopping to and fro. Noticed the change in color of the animals, the activity. Take in the beauty of the leaves changing colors. Just go outside and be still, allowing nature surroundings to take away the stresses from the day.

It is Not You

This is probably the most important point do not blame yourself. Many times, we think we need to place blame on someone or something in order to explain away our feelings. This is not healthy nor is it honest. Depression is just something that happens to many people, for all types of reasons. For those that do not normally suffer from depression or only have bouts during the winter months, then it may be just seasonally. Like hay fever in the spring.

Anyone of these suggestions are inexpensive and easy to do, for those that may be or will be suffering from the winter blues then give one or all a try. Stay positive and keep company with those that are positive as well. It is only a few months then spring and summer will be here again. Just be patient with nature and patient with yourself.

A Lesson from a Boy and his Dog

thCQ8GVAFPI can remember back to I was in I think the first grade and we had to do a collage about what is family. We had just complete reading some book about a boy who was raise by an adopted family. We had to explore within our own experiences about what makes a family, who makes a family. Then complete a collage with a small paragraph explaining who was in the picture and what family means to us.

My collage consist of my parents, my siblings, and myself. That’s it. Other students had included an aunt or uncle, their fish or cat; I think I was the only one with just my immediate family.

I lamented that those other things could not be family, family are those people that are related to you. This did not apply to aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. However, anyone or anything else did not count. In my young mind, this rang true and there was no way around it.

If I am honest, I have these same thoughts and family well into my high school years. Until one uneventful day, this dog followed me home from the bus stop. Through caring and loving then losing, her I was able to change my mind and broaden my concept on family.

The thing about family that it is not exclusive to blood relatives. Many times the closest being to a person is a friend, colleague, or even a pet. The heart loves what the heart loves. When someone or something that is beloved, that is cherished even, becomes hurt then anything goes. Whatever must be done is done.

For instance, I had this dog. She was beautiful.  Shiny black fur with a caramel brown face.  Deep soulful eyes that seems to look right into your soul and comfort to the very core.  She was loyal, protective, and sweet. She had the sweetest name anyone could have, Lilac.  My Lilac, my lovable huggable Rottweiler.  She went everywhere with me and did even everything with me.  When I learn how to drive she was there, when I went to prom she came, even after the big storm of 1993 she brought smiles to those hit hard by the damages.  Savannah Tree’s a great tree service business located right here in Savannah, Georgia bought her a bone for making a hard time easier on their customers.  Heck, they even offer me a summer job!

I have been using the past tense when referring to her, sadly, my Lilac was poison. At the time it the worst thing to happen to me.  If I am honest with myself it probably still is, although it has not never been proven I suspect it was one of my neighbors.  An old and grumpy man that hates dogs.  He has been recorded threatening another neighbor’s dog. Then not more than a month later, his dog, Rodney, died via poison.

Even thinking about it after all these years I become a bit choked up. She was my girl, my best friend.  Just like that.

Because of that strong bond and relationship, I had with my dog open me up to value all of my relationship.  A bond is not limited to family in the traditional sense.  Please do not misunderstand what I am saying I do love my family. They know me better than anyone and has continuously love me without any conditions or expectations. Yes, I have been blessed in that way.  However as I grow and expand my circle my family have beyond my household.

I truly believe that had I not experience that love, for there is nothing else to call, of my dog I am not sure how receptive I would be to other people trying to become close to me.  It is through her I learned how to bond and care for something other than myself.

Fit as a fiddle

thDBHKNNTQIt’s great being retired.  I have so much more time to spend doing the things that I want to do.  If I want to spend the day at the library I can, if I want to go sailing, I can, whatever fancy that takes over me, I have the time, and thank God’ the money to do so.  What i never imagine or consider before retiring is how out of shape I will become.  Before I was busy and active.  As an actors I considered it my job to keep my body fit and attractive.  As they say the camera does add ten pounds.  As a retiree I seem to be indulgent and lazy.  As of right now, that is over.  If my name isn’t Nathan Schaefer I will get off my fanny and into some type of fitness regime.

First thing first, a check up with my doctor.  Once he gives the ok I will be ready to embark on the journey of a healthy lifestyle.  I am ready.  Away with the flab and in with the suave!

Physical complete and I’ve been given a clean bill of health, now its time to get moving.  I think the first thing I’m going to try is yoga with my wife.  For years she has been harping about all the benefits and how wonderful it makes her feel.  I guess now is as good of time as any to check out what she has been talking about.  I’m sure she is going to be ecstatic to hear this, I can’t wait to tell her.  Just as I thought my wife cannot wait for us to take a class together.  She must have wanted this more than I realized.  As soon as I told her she went to her closest and starting pulling out a mat, some clothes, and a pair of shoes just for yoga.  Who knew she has been saving all of these items for just this moment!

After I take a few yoga classes with my wife I also want to try Zumba and cross fit.  One of my boys regularly participates in a cross fit program and is always talking about how much he loves it.  How intense and rewarding it is.  As his father I can see the progress he made in it. Before he started he was at least hundred pounds over weight.  Now he is a lean, mean, fighting machine.  He has develop great muscle mass and definition, his endurance is a forced to be reckon with.  Just last week his friend’s pickup truck stalled and he pushed it seven miles to the nearest service station.  By himself while he friend steered. I have just one word for that: freakin’ incredible! Okay, that’s actual two.  That alone is enough for me to check out one class at the very least.

As I previously mention I have a burning desire to try  a Zumba class.  I love to dance, I love music, and all those beautiful women how can I say no?  Don’t tell my wife about that last part.  I think out of all three cardio classes I’m most exited for Zumba.  Every time that infomercial runs late at night I spend at least three hours just watching all those people have great fun. And I want to be one of them and dog gone it, I will.

I’m trying to think why I haven’t tried out any of these before.   All I can do is shrug my shoulders because I have no idea.  I guess for years I had a personal trainer.  The same personal trainer for twenty seven years in fact.  I guess with all that time we got in a comfortable groove.  Never really going outside what was already being perform.  Its like we lived by the saying, if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it!”.


What’s in your ink?

It use tothX6N1726K be that tattoos was taboo.  Something that only tough guys and outlaws had.  Something that the seedy underbelly of society pursued and experiment with.  That no self respecting, honorable, and productive member of society would have and never something to be display in public.  Nowadays that is a thing of a past.  Teachers, band directors, bankers, lawyers, all sorts of so called respectable people in respectable society having tattoos and brandishing them so that the world can see it.  This writer not excluded.

Tattoo are a personal depiction that is with a person for a lifetime.  Art that is with a person wherever he or she is.  Presently a person can receive a tattoo make up of glow in the dark ink.  Through a scientific process called phosphorescence.  Or even ink that will glow in black light.  For a less painful an permanent ink that is easier for a person to have laser remove if sometime down the road Bob is no longer the king of your heart.

Even though tattoos are very common how much is really know about the process.  Of course cleanliness and sanitation is extremely important.  With the ever presence of blood and bodily fluid both cleanliness and sanitation is a must that cannot be taken lightly.  Heaven forbid some careless tattoo artist uses the same needles or unclean gun on multiple persons.  The spread of disease and infection is incredibly increased by such tattoo artist.

How many of those people getting tattooed considered the ink?  What is in that ink that is being injected into a person’s skin his body?  Is it cancerous?  Is it harmful?  It should be safe and regulated like anything else, right?  The truth is that ink is all too often a mixture of pigments with high amounts of lead, mercury, and some other elements and chemicals that is not safe for anyone to consume, definitely not safe to have it injected into the largest organ on the human’s body.  The skin.

Not to mention that although the United States’ Food and Drug Association (FDA) are suppose to regulate the inks and pigments used for tattooing purposes it is regularly overlooked and not practiced.  In fact many claims by the FDA and others in the medical field have mention that the ink used for tattooing is the same as the ink used for printers or automobile paint.  Which must beget the question is it safe?  Really, only one state requires some type of warning to its consumers, the clients, about how volatile having this ink punctured into the skin.  That the inks used for tattooing purpose have heavy metals that has been know to cause a laundry list of issues that includes reproductive problems, birth defects, and cancer.

For those that are still hell bent on getting that new ink there are alternatives to the traditional ink.  Although it may be harder to find a tattoo artists that is using this type of ink it is not impossible.  As of recent there have been an influx in companies making organic inks.  Even vegan inks.  These organic and vegan inks are made from plant based pigments.  Not containing the harmful elements that more traditional inks are comprised of.  It is ok to enjoy the beauty of tattooing without being concerned of the harmful unknown side effects of deadly ink.